Choose a job you love,

and you will

never have to work

a day in your life.

- Confucius

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Ready, set, go…

Take the first step and meet Next Step Staffing, technical staff-recruiting in the most non-technical way. Our code is personal; our operating system is multi-tasking; our communication, debugged.

We bind together projects with dreams. Technical expertise with creativity. The right client with the right candidate – just for a project, or for forever…

Step in, take a look and get to know us!

The man who has the

largest capacity

for work and thought

is the man who is

bound to succeed.

-Henry Ford


Next Step’s staff consists of technical placement veterans who possess a unique combination of business acumen and creative vision to maximize opportunities for our clients. At Next Step, we are able to quickly identify, qualify and help clients hire the right candidate for the position.

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Director of Recruiting

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Bags of chips consumed in one week


Number of pets owned


Cups of coffee consumed daily

Always do



- George Carlin


Dream jobs open (Job seekers)

How come everyone is searching for a developer these days, while there are still developers out there who are looking for the right job?

It can be a start-up, a corporate project, a hip Brooklyn-based company. It can be you they are looking for. All you need to do is just say hi! and let us know who you are, and tell us your skills, ideas and ambitions.

Next step: Let us use our extensive resources, our relationships with hiring managers and our creativity, to get you that job you’ve had your eye on for a long, long time.

Stay hungry,

stay foolish.

- Steve Jobs

The right staff for you

In a world of technology, the fact that it’s harder to find a developer than even a plumber is almost an anecdote. This is why we are here… ahem, not for the plumber.

Next Step Staffing is a boutique agency that has the industry expertise and the degree of quality to guarantee that the technical staff you’re in search of will be found.

Whatever the needs and demands, the position or the project, we are on it. Having been in the technical placement market for years, we have the creativity, deep knowledge of our talent pool and the sharp eye, to pick out the right candidate for you.

That’s why, we provide IT solutions to the city’s most prestigious firms, corporations, financial institutions, and technology based startup companies. Full-time, permanent placement or temporary contract basis, you name it; our candidates are available for all.

The first step is to contact us, communicate your needs and let us propose the ideal candidates. Next step: we pre-screen each candidate on your behalf to ensure talent quality.
We are confident about our services. This is why they are offered for free, until the client/candidate “match” is made.

Doing the best

at this moment

puts you in the best place

for the next moment.

-Oprah Winfrey

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