Meet Us

First steps

Back in the 90s, two girls dreamed together. In 2012, they decided to quit reality and start up their dream: Cindy and Joy created Next Step Staffing, with Enjoli, who brought along her experience in technical staff recruiting and some of her own dreams too.

Always stepping our game up.

Next Step Staffing is led by aspiring creativity, and that’s our philosophy. We work to bring together skills with people, technical with personal, developing with development. How do we do it? Simply, by listening – and hours of searching, which is not that simple…

Your Next Step.

This step is yours to make. Meet us to tell us all about your demands, your ambitions, or needs. And then, we’ll just take it step-by-step to the ideal staff or dream job. Ready to make that step with Next Step?

Meet Joy Pratcher – partner, Flatiron, NYC. With a J.D. from St. John’s University, Joy is allowed to practice law in New York, but instead, she decided that helping people find their professional match is a more direct way to deliver justice. When she’s not in search of another bulldog picture for her quirky collectible wall, playing tennis, redecorating her office or pillow-fighting with her daughters Jett and Tai, she is the General Counsel and Head of Operations at Next Step Staffing. And she’s really happy she got her dream job. That’s why she’s dedicated to helping you find yours.

Meet Cindy Camacho – partner, Flatiron, NYC. Cindy Camacho suffers from the aspiring disease, known as accomplishment. Snappy, sharp, wrap it up! She’s done it all: Studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology, 11 years of sales experience, and now a new motivation: heading up the business development area of Next Step Staffing, concentrating on technology, fashion, healthcare and finance. Just because she finds it hard not to do more than that, she collects skulls – fortunately not real ones (!), and comes up with creative stories while riding her bike through the streets of NYC- talking about multi-tasking…

Meet Enjoli Riddick – partner, Flatiron, NYC. Having worked in recruiting for over 10 years, Enjoli has a deep knowledge of the technology market in NYC and a perfected talent of drawing creative doodles while talking on the phone. Although she has a B.A. in Marketing – from Western Connecticut State University – she recently broke the marketeers’ secret oath, stating “Life is not just about work”. She’s working on that balance, between heading up the technical recruiting division of Next Step Staffing and being a dancing machine. Primarily, she’s working on getting you that golden-ratio job, too.